Kid Builders

Download the free Kid Builders mobile app — a fun and free, activity-packed resource to help your children grow up healthy and ready to succeed in school and life.

Teach your baby how to stack blocks, look for opposites with your toddler and encourage your son or daughter to say “Thank You.”

These easy-to-do activities, right at your fingertips, can help your kids grow in six critical areas: body, health, mind, relationships, safety and words.

All activities are available in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.

The app is available now free of charge to both iPhone and Android users. It is also available online at

Get the Books

The Kid Builder activities are also available in their original form of individual PDFs below.

Book 1: Baby to Two Years

Kid Builders Book 1

Baby Builders

One-Year-Old Builders

Two-Year-Old Builders

Book 2: Three to Five Years

Kid Builders Book 2

Three-Year-Old Builders

Four & Five-Year-Old Builders

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