Creating Positive Change

We believe these four strategies have the most impact on improving the conditions needed for children and families to thrive. These strategies guide us and are the lens through which we prioritize our work:
Smiling baby holding a ball and looking at her mom

Get Involved Early

We invest in programs, services, and partnerships that focus on prevention, identify mental and developmental health needs as early as possible, and link children and families to resources.

Elevate Equity

We prioritize the county’s most vulnerable families to reduce disparities in access to quality services and outcomes for kids.

Empower Champions

We connect with, strengthen, and support parents, community leaders, public agencies, and community organizations to co-create and advocate for solutions to pressing issues facing young children and families.

Align Systems of Care

We coordinate early childhood systems of care to work together, creating a supportive infrastructure so families can experience seamless connections to quality services.