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Smiling baby holding a ball and looking at her mom
First 5 Orange County is committed to supporting early development of children ages 0-5 and of embracing making a system-level impact to ensure kids grow up happy, healthy and ready for kindergarten.

As part of that function, First 5 Orange County takes an active role in enriching parent involvement and resources, encouraging innovation and investing in systems of care that benefit the whole child.

Below are resources for providers that also serve to optimize young children’s health and development by promoting the importance of early childhood.

Doula Stipend Program Application

First 5 Orange County’s Doula Stipend Program Application is now open!

Our stipend program provides financial assistance to selected applicants as they pursue Medi-Cal provider status in alignment with the Department of Health Care Services’ recently released Doula Benefit.

The program aims to support local efforts to increase utilization of the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) doula benefit and address maternal health disparities among the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community.

First 5 Orange County expects that 40 doulas will benefit from this stipend program and numerous babies and families will benefit over the coming years from doula services. The application will remain open until all funding is expended. 

To learn more or to apply, click here.

Orange County Perinatal Mental Health Toolkit

Family Wellness Plans

Federal law requires that infants born affected by substance misuse, withdrawal or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum (FASD) receive a Plan of Safe Care (called Family Wellness Plan in Orange County) that supports their families as well. Templates have been created to assist providers in building Family Wellness Plans.

The goal of the Family Wellness Plan is to strengthen the family unit, help mothers have a healthy pregnancy, and keep child(ren) safely at home.

Click here to download 5 Ways to Improve Care Using Family Wellness Plans (FWP).

Click here to download Building a Family Wellness Plan in the Medical Setting.

Click here for Family Wellness Plan videos.

Click here for the brochure in Vietnamese.

Click here for the brochure in Spanish.

Safe Spaces Professional Learning Modules Launching Summer 2023

In Summer 2023, the Office of the California Surgeon General will release a free, online professional learning module designed to help early care and education personnel respond to trauma and stress in children. The training has two goals:

1. Provide greater awareness of the impact of stress and trauma on health, development and learning

2. Provide key mindsets and strategies to respond with trauma-informed principles and help create the conditions for safe and supportive learning environments for everyone.

Early care providers can access the CECO log-in page for the first module for ages 0-5 in English here and in Spanish here.

Orange County Perinatal Mental Health Toolkit

Legal Problem-Solving and Flourishing Handbook

This handbook was designed to assist in embracing legal problem-solving as a strategy and to provide a bigger toolbox that taps legal problem-solving resources both inside and outside the sector, so that  perinatal and early childhood systems, programs, and teams can more effectively meet their mission of supporting families to flourish. Get the handbook here.

The handbook is available in Spanish, Vietnamese, Cape Verdean Creole, and Haitian Creole here.

Orange County Perinatal Mental Health Toolkit

Toolkits for Providers

We need your help in sharing these necessary resources to inform and educate parents, families and caregivers about important issues affecting their communities and supports being provided. By acting together, we can leverage our voices and underline the connection between educating families and the well-being of them and their children. Thank you for sharing!

Smiling baby holding a ball and looking at her mom

Child Care in Orange County Social Media Toolkit

Child Care and its Impact on Orange County’s Economy.

Stigma Free OC Toolkit

Stigma Free OC is a county-wide movement which aims to clear the stigma associated with mental illness and addiction. This campaign is dedicated to raising awareness of these illnesses by creating an environment where people are seen and supported in their efforts to achieve wellness and recovery.

Perinatal Substance Use for PN-3 Providers

Recognizing perinatal substance use disorder as a significant consideration when addressing perinatal mental health system-wide, First 5 Orange County adapted a series of short videos originally produced in Florida, as a resource for local healthcare and other prenatal-to-3 service providers. The videos demonstrate recommended screening and intervention strategies for perinatal substance use, appropriate language and attitudes to reduce stigma, the use of motivational interviewing, and how to establish a Plan of Safe Care in order to keep mother and baby together safely upon discharge from the hospital. Partners are encouraged to utilize the videos when training staff or offering education to their clients.

Please refer to page 15 of the Orange County Perinatal Mental Health Toolkit for available substance use screening tools and local recovery resources.

Click here for a revised Focus on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders brief

After watching the videos, please share your feedback by taking a short survey. Contact us through this survey if you are interested in customizing this video for your area.

Orange County Perinatal Mental Health Toolkit

Family Wellness Plan Role Play

From Judgement to Healing

Getting Real About Substance Use Disorder

SBIRT Role Play

Additional Resources

For Medication Assisted Treatment in Orange County, call:


MAT Connect

(714) 352-5990, option 3


Orange County Beneficiary Access Line

(800) 723-8641

For a listing of additional treatment programs, visit:

OC Health Care Agency

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Outpatient Clinics

CDC Update on COVID-19 Vaccination During Pregnancy: Key Messages and Talking Points

Vaccination is recommended for people who are pregnant or breastfeeding

For more information on assisting mothers and infants exposed to substances please see the resources below:

Mother and Baby Substance Exposure Toolkit

Mother and Baby Substance Exposure Initiative webinars and educational videos