First 5 OC releases Frequently Asked Questions for the Consultant Services Request for Qualifications

Feb 11, 2021 | News & Announcements

First 5 Orange County has released the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding the Request for Qualifications for Consultant Services.

Completed applications are due by 3 p.m. Feb. 26, 2021. First 5 Orange County anticipates approving a list of qualified consultants by April 7, 2021.

Click here for the Request for Qualifications application and details. 

Click here for the Frequently Asked Questions in PDF format. 



1. My firm is currently on the roster of qualified applicants for Project Management. We will seek to add Professional Development. Should we submit information for all of Section III, or just III.B.3 and III.B.4?

All applicants should submit only one (1) response to this RFQ. As an applicant currently on the First 5 Orange County roster of qualified applicants, any additional information not previously submitted in support of the additional subject matter expertise may be submitted. Applicant does not need to resubmit information provided in an earlier application; only submit additional information. In the case of the example given, applicant does not need to resubmit applicant contact information and a cover letter (III.B.1 and III.B.2) but would submit information related to additional qualifications and expanded references (III.B.3 and III.B.4).

2. Are there page limits for the resume/C.V. and cover letter?

No. There are no page limits but please adhere to the guidelines related to what should be included in the cover letter and C.V./ resume.

3. May applicants’ firms include as project experience or expanded references work of a staff that occurred while with a different employer?

The resume or curriculum vitae for the staff with the specific subject matter expertise should be included in the application. Work reference prior to the staff joining the applicant firm should be reflected in the staff’s resume only.

4. I am interested in applying for the First 5 Orange County Consultant position. I serve the birth to five population as an early childhood mental health therapist / clinical program manager. In the checklist, there were 12 different types of consulting services. Where can we find a description of each category?

First 5 Orange County is not seeking to fill an individual consultant position; rather, we are qualifying multiple consultants or consulting organizations as subject matter experts across several subject matters as listed in the RFQ. Descriptions of the subject matter expertise are set forth on pages 3-6 of the RFQ. Qualifying individuals or organizations are not guaranteed work or a contract with First 5 Orange County.

5. The RFQ indicated that the Expanded Reference narratives should describe “previous client engagements”. What does client engagement here refer to? Since I work mainly in the clinical setting, clients usually refer to child/caregivers in my work setting. I wonder if “clients” may refer to something else.

Client engagements refer to projects and work experience which illustrate the applicant’s subject matter expertise as described in the RFQ. First 5 Orange County is not a service provider and is not seeking consultants to provide services in the clinical setting.

6. The contact person in the Expanded References refers to “the lead project manager for your client”. As I work mainly in the clinical setting, I assume this is a senior manager/director in my case? If so, they have very limited information about my clients.

First 5 Orange County is not a service provider and is not seeking consultants to provide services in the clinical setting. Applicant’s prior clients refer to organizations or firms who have retained the applicant for comparable consultant services as described in the RFQ. For example, the applicant would list clients such as other government entities, nonprofit organizations, or private companies for whom they have provided consulting in the specified subject matter. References to clients in the RFQ do not refer to individual clients receiving clinical services directly from the applicant.

7. Is there a minimum or a maximum number of consulting categories that can be applied for?

Each applicant must indicate at least one subject matter expertise. There is no maximum number of subject matter expertise that can be selected.

8. Is there a recommended number of consulting services that an applicant should apply for?


9. Are letters of recommendation required? Or should the applicant just provide contact information for the references?

Letters of recommendation are not required. References should be provided as outlined in the Expanded References section on page 7 of the RFQ.

10. The RFP indicated that the request for qualifications and instructions for submission will be available on Could you let me know which specific tab this information will be in?

The RFQ is available under the Newsroom and News and Announcement sections on the homepage.

11. Can we provide additional (i.e. current catalog) attachments, in addition to our response?

All submissions shall conform with the Submission Instructions on pages 6-7 of the RFQ.

12. For each subject matter expertise area, would you like multiple resumes or just one resume per section?

Multiple resumes in support of the applicant’s subject matter expertise are welcome.

13. For each subject matter area, do we need to have experience/expertise for all of the bullet points (sub-areas) listed under it?

Applicants with relevant subject matter expertise will be considered. Applicants with some but not all specified expertise within each subject matter will be considered.

Click here to download the Frequently Asked Questions for the 2021 RFQ

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