Daily Pilot writes about First 5 Orange County’s Child Care Landscape Analysis report

Oct 7, 2020 | News & Announcements

First 5 Orange County’s Child Care Landscape Analysis report was featured in an article in the Daily Pilot.

The story quoted First 5 Orange County President/CEO Kim Goll and detailed how the organization went from connecting kindergarten readiness to realizing that child care was a major problem in the county.

An excerpt from the story:

Officials will develop a set of series of recommendations that can be used to advocate for policy changes and solutions that will help address the real-life issues raised throughout the process.

“We can’t solve the problem on our own,” Goll said of the new awareness campaign. “We need others to care about these issues as much as we care about these issues, in order to make this change and move.”

Read the story by clicking here.

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