Introducing Stigma Free OC campaign and toolkit featuring young children and families

May 2, 2022 | News & Announcements

Dear friends and partners,

First 5 Orange County was “all in” when we first saw the Stigma Free OC campaign that the Orange County Health Care Agency put out to help ease the stigma, shame and reluctance to seek or accept help for those suffering from mental illness or addiction.

And then inspiration struck: What about young children and their families who are facing these same issues?

We know that thousands of young children in Orange County are battling mental health issues and conditions that prevent them from striving to reach their full potential. We also know that having parents and caregivers who manage their own stress and mental health leads to stronger and more resilient families.

Going further, we know saddling these young children with a label can affect the way people see them, treat them, diagnose them or simply nurture them.

So we partnered with the Orange County Health Care Agency and Be Well Orange County to create this new campaign centered around young children and their families.

We need your help to spread this message far and wide.

Inside the Stigma Free OC toolkit are sample social media messages, powerful images and messaging featuring young children and parents (in English, Spanish and Vietnamese), plus an order sheet that can be used to get Stigma Free OC posters printed for your use.

We hope this campaign can help all our young children and families have long-lasting health and happiness.

Thank you for your support!

Kim Goll

View and download the toolkit by clicking the image below:

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