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Let’s Keep Talking

NBuilds connection with babyNBuilds baby’s words

Have some fun trying to guess what your baby is saying. When they say,

  • Oooh or Gagaga

Respond as if they just told you something very important! Look in their eyes and say,

  • That is a very good idea!
  • What happened next?

Give them several seconds to respond with a sound or by moving their body or by making a face.

When your baby makes sounds, like, cooing or babbling, or makes a face or body motions, they are experimenting with language. They are talking with you!

One of the best ways to help your baby learn to talk is to talk to and with them – about everything, and all the time.

Baby Activities
Baby Activities

Animal Sounds

NTeaches baby sounds and words

Find a book at the library with big, bright pictures of animals or download these pictures. Show your baby each animal picture. Point to the animal and make the noise that the animal makes. Say,

  • What sound does a cow make? Moo. Moo.

See if your baby will copy the sounds you make. In time, they will make the sound on their own when you point to the picture. As your baby grows, they can learn the names of the animals too.


Sing with Me!

NBuilds baby’s sense of securityNTeaches baby common words

Think of a simple song that you remember from your childhood. Sing it to your baby! Then, try making up new words to the tune. For example, sing silly words to “Jingle Bells.”

  • Take a bath, take a bath, take a bath my love!
  • You can laugh, in the bath, rub-a dub-a dub!

Sing during daily routines like bathing, diapering, and feeding, or hold your baby and sway to the rhythm of the music together.

You don’t have to have a great voice to sing with your baby! Songs will help your baby learn the routines that make them feel secure.

Baby Activities
Baby Activities

Everyday Reading

NBaby learns new words

Find a book with big, bright pictures. Or download these pictures to your phone or other device. Read the book with your baby or show them the pictures. Point to each picture and say what it is. Help your baby point to the picture, and talk about it. You might say,

  • Look, here is a baby! He has big brown eyes.
  • Here is a ball! It is a big red ball.
  • How high do you think that ball can bounce?

Make reading part of everyday – at bath times, at bed times, in a car, or in a waiting room. Babies love new sights and sounds and will feel connected to you as they explore the world!

Rhyme With Me!

NBaby learns words and sounds

Build your baby’s words by using simple rhymes. They will enjoy the rhythm and lots of expression in your voice. Use rhymes you remember from your childhood or make up short silly rhymes for your baby. For example,

  • We have a cat.
  • She is very fat.
  • She ate a rat.
  • Think of that!

Make the rhyme simple so that you can repeat it over and over to your baby. Make it a silly rhyme so that you can laugh together at the funny words.

Baby Activities