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Neighborhood Helpers

Your neighborhood is full of people who are helpers. Crossing guards, postal workers, librarians, and fire fighters are some of the helpers. When you walk in your neighborhood, look for helpers. When you see them, say hello. Talk to your child about the ways they help.

Visit the local library. Ask the children’s librarian to give you and your child a tour of the children’s section. Then, borrow a book to take home to read!

If there is a fire station in your neighborhood, see if they allow visits. Talk with your child about how the fire fighters keep your neighborhood safe from fires. They also help people who need medical attention. Many stations offer tours and talk to children about fire safety and emergency preparedness.

Baby Activities
Baby Activities

Safety Walk

Take your child on a “Safety Walk” around your home.  As you pass different things, talk about whether the thing is Safe, Safe with a Grownup, or Not Safe. For example, in the bathroom, you could say,

  • Look, the toilet is safe for you to use.
  • The bathtub is safe with a grown-up.
  • A shaving razor is not safe for you to touch!  

Outside, you could say,

  • Playing with a ball is safe!
  • Riding in a car is safe with a grown-up.
  • Crossing the street without a crosswalk is not safe.

Let your child help name things as safe, not safe, or safe with a grownup. You are helping them learn to take care of themselves and their safety!

Helmets On Please!

Your preschooler is ready for a helmet! They must wear one while riding on their bicycle, scooter, or skateboard. They will be more likely to wear the helmet if they help to pick it out. Plan a special trip to the store to pick out a helmet together. If they want, let them use stickers, model paints, glitter, or fingernail polish to decorate their helmet and give it their own personal touch. Parents and siblings need to wear a helmet too! They are showing that helmets are important for safety.

Baby Activities
Baby Activities

Road Rules

When you are driving or riding, point out the different signs along the road to your child.  You can say,

  • A Stop Sign is always red. It has the letters STOP on it.
  • A speed limit sign has numbers on it. It tells you how fast you can drive and still be safe.

Show your child what a crosswalk or railroad crossing sign looks like. Talk together about all the different signs you see. Talk about what each sign means, why they are important, and how the rules that the signs tell you about keep you safe.

Stranger Things

Talk with your preschooler about the grownups they can trust to keep them safe. It is also important to help them learn what to do when they meet someone they do not know. Teach them never to get into a car or go with someone they do not know, even if that person is asking for help. Practice with your child how to strongly say No! and move away from the stranger as fast as possible. Teach them to loudly yell for help!

Tell your child that they must always tell you if a stranger came up to them – even if the stranger warned them not to. Tell them they will never be in trouble. Let them know that you and other trusted grown-ups in their life will keep them safe.

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