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Tub Time, Teaching Time

Always stay with your child when they are in the tub. Use this time as a fun teaching time.  You can read to your child or talk to them to help them learn new words.

Make up a silly rhyme for the tub and teach it to your child. They are learning language and rhythm! Teach them about numbers by counting their fingers and toes. Tell them the names of their body parts as you are washing them. Play peek-a-boo with a washcloth to help them learn to solve the “problem” of where to look for you.

Baby Activities
Baby Activities

My Safe Space

To see just what your one year old sees, get down on the floor with them and explore each room of your home. How high can they reach? What cupboards or drawers are they able to get to and open on their own? Move anything poisonous or small enough to choke on.

Put medicine or cleaning liquids up high and out of your child’s sight and reach. Put child-proof locks or latches on the doors. Watch to see if your child can open the doors or drawers on their own. If your child loves to open and close things, you can set up a low drawer or cupboard just for them. Put items that are safe like plastic storage containers and lids, or plastic cups and bowls.

Remember, your one year old is growing fast. The doors they cannot open today, they might be able to open tomorrow!

Update Your Information List

Sometimes it is hard to find a phone number or website when you need it fast! Make up your own emergency information list. Include:

  • Family phone numbers
  • Doctor and dentist numbers
  • Insurance information
  • Poison Control System: 1-800-222-1222 (this is the place to call if you think your child has swallowed something poisonous)
  • Your address for 9-1-1 emergencies

If you already have this list, make sure the information is up to date. Make a copy of this list for family members, babysitters or anyone who also cares for your children.

Write your address at the top of the list. If a babysitter ever needs to call 9-1-1, they can quickly read it to the operator.

Baby Activities
Baby Activities

Toy Drop

Be careful! Your one year old can choke on toys or other objects that are small enough to fit in their mouth. Here’s an easy way to test if a toy or other object is too small for them to play with.

Take an empty cardboard toilet paper roll and hold it with the open side up. Drop a toy into the opening. If the toy or object can fit through the opening of the empty toilet paper roll, it is too small for your child to play with. If a toy or object is too big to fit through the toilet paper roll, then it is okay for play.

Let’s Climb Together

This is an active age for your one year old. They may want to climb and crawl on top of anything they can find. When they climb, they learn to use their muscles to pull up and to steady themselves on the way down. Climbing can be unsafe if your child is climbing high without help. When you have time, make a climbing course for your child. You can use chairs, sturdy boxes, small step stools, or even stairs. Hold their hand or hands as you help them climb up. Show them how to climb down. Hold one or both hands or their body as they climb up and down, up and down.

Baby Activities