1 Year

Building Healthy Bodies & Growing Minds

Playing is how babies and toddlers learn new things. Try these one year old Kid Builder activities to help your baby practice new skills and build their confidence. Taking time to enjoy your little one will build the bond between you, too!

Baby Activities

1 Year Activities

Mind Builders

Mind Builder activities build your child’s brain power and help them learn to solve problems.

Body Builders

Body Builder activities help your child have a healthy body by using their large and small muscles to move.

Safety Builders

Safety Builder activities give you ideas to help your child grow up safely.

Word Builders

Word Builder activities help your child communicate through pictures, sounds, and words.

Relationship Builders

Relationship Builder activities help your child develop a positive view of themself and learn to play with others.

Health Builders

Health Builder activities help your child learn healthy habits for their body like brushing their teeth, eating healthy, and sleep routines!