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Teach your child their full name, your full name, their home address, and your phone number. It may be easier to remember with a song or a rhyme. Try putting the words of their name, phone number, and address to a song you know, or clapping to a beat that will help your child remember.

Talk to your child about what they need to know if they get lost or separated from you or another caregiver. Practice saying this information out loud together.

Baby Activities
Baby Activities

Fun in the Sun

Teach your child about sun safety. Make a checklist for getting ready to go outside.  Let your child help you by saying Check! for each item you have on the list. For example, say,

  • The first thing is sunscreen. Did we put on sunscreen?

Help your child say, “Check!” if you put sunscreen on.

After a few times, your child will get the idea and say Check without help!

  • Next is a hat. Do we have our hats? Check!
  • We need something to drink. Did we bring water? NO! Uh-oh, let’s get water. 
  • Now we’re ready.

I Love My Helmet!

Two ways to help your child learn to wear a helmet are:

  • Make it special for them. Use permanent markers or fingernail polish to draw pictures or cool designs. Find stickers of their favorite characters. Use a little glue and glitter for sparkle. Make it something that they love to wear.
  • Show them it is important by wearing your helmet every time you ride. Your child learns by watching you. 

You child should wear a helmet while riding on a bicycle, scooter, or skateboard. Your child should also wear a helmet if they are a passenger when you are riding.

Baby Activities
Baby Activities

Red Light/Green Light

Teach your child that when the light turns green, the cars can go. When the light turns red, the cars have to stop. Then play a game of “red light/green light” with your child.

Have them stand in front of you, facing away from you. Find an object that is some distance away from you like a tree or a fence. Tell them they are trying to get to that object and touch it. They need to follow your directions. When you say green light, this means “Go.” They can run toward the object. But when you say red light, they must stop. Say green light and let them run a distance, then shout, red light!

Give green and red light signals until they reach the object. Play this game often with your child. It helps them understand that when you say red light they need to stop. If you are ever in a situation where you need your child to stop running, you can use the red light words they understand.

Fire Drill Time

Your family needs a plan for how to quickly leave your house if there is a fire. Make it fun to practice your plan. Take your child through the steps of listening for the smoke alarm. Walk with them through your “escape route.” This may be down hallways and through doors to a front yard or backyard, or out through a bedroom window.

Talk with your child about fire safety.

Baby Activities